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UP Base Conditioning 

Dynamic Warm-Up/Cool Down (15 mins) before and after each workout
• Run for @ 5 mins.  (a lap around a track; down and back, across and back, etc.)
• Butt Kickers/Return – 15 yds
• High Knees/Return – 15 yds
• Hip Rotations/ Return – 10 yds 
• Carioca low/high – 15 yds
• Shuffle/Return 2x – 15 yds
• Alter. Lat. Lunge/Return – 10 yds
• Sit Backs / Return 10 yds
• Lach Steps / Toy Soldiers – 15 yds
• Walking Quad/Return – 10 yds
• For. Lunge w/ twist – 10 yds
• High Knee Hug  For. Lunge – 10 yds (elbow to instep)
• A Skips 10 yds
• Power Skips - 4x15 yds
• Starts (20yds) 4@50%, 4@75%

Base Conditioning    A minimum of activity of 2 days per week in addition to the 2 set practices. If there are no practices scheduled play some basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee or other games that will help build/maintain your cardiovascular system in addition to these workouts.  If you do not play any sports you should complete an agility and conditioning workout 1-2 times per week. 

The followiong workouts are a basic template from which to work.  It is important to remember that each player is at their own fitness level so each should establish their individual baseline from which to work.   This is a basic guideline.  There is no magic pill.  There is time and work.  If you put in the time and work and you push yourself your level of fitness will improve. It is also important for you to time your efforts and record your times so you can see measurable improvement.  

To start, run .5 mile, 1 mile or 1.5 timed and record to have a benchmark to gauge improved fitness.  After 4 weeks of conditioning run the same distance timed and record.  Compare against the mile run 4 weeks previously.  If possible, the miles should be run at the same location, at approximately the same time and conditions of rest.  Keep in mind your diet and rest will affect your performance.  

Workout 1: Interval Runs Start on the end line in a start stance or alternating lateral stances (right shoulder/foot leading for one then left shoulder/foot leading) the length of the soccer or football field. (Push yourself and attempt to cover the length in 30 seconds or less.  If 30 seconds is easy pick up the pace.  Whatever time you finish in note the time and attempt to complete each length in that time or less.  You should strive to complete each length in the same time or less.)  After each length, jog/walk (recovery) across the width of the field and set up in a start stance to run the next length.  This should not be a lazy jog/walk.  It is an active recovery.   Each week try to decrease the length and time of your recovery.  Progressions: Week 1, 8 lengths; Week 2, 10 lengths; Week 3, 12 lengths; Week 4, 14 lengths.  

Workout 2: Accelerators/Build Ups Start on the end line in a forward start or lateral stance.  If you use a lateral stance be sure to alternate on each accelerator.  Once ready, start running and build up to 100% by the pre-determined marker (you can very it between 5, 10, 15 or 20 yds).  Once at the marker you should be at 100% effort and maintain that speed/effort for the remainder of the sprint which should be marked.  You can use anything as a marker so no excuses!  After the repetition jog/walk back, catch your breath and get ready to go again.  Once your breath is under control, which should only take the time it takes to get back to the start line, line up again and repeat.  Progressions:  Week 1 – 10 @ 40-60 yards; Week 2 – 10 @ 40-60 yards; Week 3 – 12 @ 40-60 yards; Week 4 – 12 @ 60-75 yards. Record the total time of the workout (first repetition to the end of the last) and try to keep on pace or beat the time recorded for week 1.  

For younger athletes or if the lengths /distances are too much you can cut it back some initially then add some distance each week.  However, if you take the longer distances at a moderate pace you will be able to complete.  The idea here is to get some work done and get a good base of fitness for the upcoming season. 

The following is a link to some agility drills.  While the link title is Solo Defensive Drills all of these drills will help you improve your fitness, footwork, ground ball skills and movement.  There is a plethora of drills out there so whatever you do there are a few important things you should considered: 1. Do it well! Do not rush though with poor form just to get the drill done.  2. Be sure you allow yourself enough recovery time.  You will get more benefit from the drills if you are recovered enough to do the movements well.  If you’re breathing is under control or nearly there you are ready for the next rep. 3.  If you begin the drill 3x’s from the right you should begin the same drill 3x’s from the left.   

In the first week, select 2-3 drills and perform each drill 2-3 times from each side.  You can add a drill a week and should substitute at least one drill weekly so you can work on slightly different movement patterns.   If you want to do more do more!