University Place Vikings Lacrosse Club - UPLC

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Beginner Wall Ball Routine

Try this before you tackle the wall ball routine for testing.  Success here will set you up for success there!!  Have fun, work hard, get better!!


50 right hand - (Throw and catch right), 50 left hand - (Throw and catch left)

50 switches/splits - (Throw with your right, catch right then split and throw with your left; throw with you left catch left then split and throw right.)

50 quick stick right, 50 quick stick left

30 right hand singles, 30 left hand singles

25 right hand side throws and 25 left hand side throws


Adjusting reps: until you can string the numbers together unbroken just get the numbers done!  As you become more proficient, challenge yourself.  What we did was that if I had less than 5 strung together and we missed one we rolled back to 0.  If we made it past 5 and missed one we rolled back to the nearest 5, then the nearest ten and so on; e.g. if we made it to 19 and missed the 20th we'd roll back to 15.  If we made it to 24 and missed we'd roll back to 20.  Once you consistently get 10 in a row increase your roll back number; e.g. if you get to 9 and miss you go back to 0.  If you get to 11 and miss roll to 10. If you get to 19 and miss you go back to 10 etc.  As this becomes easy, roll back by 15 and then 20.  If the numbers are too many at first, scale back a bit and ad reps weekly.  Another way to get this done is with a partner! Once you get to doing this on a regular basis you will be at 50 in a row very quickly.